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Anchor Point at it's best

Taghazout is The best travel destination in Morocco

Taghazout hill retreat aptly named to relax and detox from the stress of life by living in a calm peaceful location in the hill of taghazout, where we also organize the surf week pack with Taghazout surf school in the heart of town with local surfing experts guiding you to ride the best quality waves.

Or book yourself best beach front Accommodation in taghazout near the most touristy bars and restaurants. the vibe is amazing, you can literally fish from your private terrace in high tide and watch the surf in low tide. 


Hill Retreat

The most peaceful and relaxed part of taghazout is the mountain where you will find the Taghazout Hill retreat by Aftas


Beach House

At the Heart of Taghazout Village you will find our seaside house offering amazing views.

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Taghazout Surf School

Book your Private Surf lessons just for 40 euro in the beaches of taghazout. 

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